Hello… and welcome to my web site. 

I'm actually a twenty-five-year-old hippy, surfer, musician, artist, painter trapped in an old body—well, not too old.  I still ride my chopper, think about going back to Costa Rica to surf and admire women. 

I grew up in Pensacola, Florida and still think of it as my home. I've been fortunate with my other career as an entertainment and corporate producer, in that, I’ve produced and directed events in forty-two of the lower forty-eight states, as well as overseas. I’ve also traveled around the world for pleasure and educational purposes, visiting Japan, China, Ethiopia, Egypt,  India, Nepal, Canada, and Mexico.   I lived in England, and wandered around most of western Europe.

I graduated from the University of West Florida,and  I’ve studied painting in the Louvre, the National Gallery in London, three of the Tate Galleries, the Uffizi, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the galleries on the mall in Washington, DC, and hundreds of small galleries around the country.

The paintings you see here are dedicated to the wonder of life and are representative of various approaches I use to render the works.  

I paint by commission: any subject, any size, anywhere.

Thank you for your love of art.